How to change a filter

How to Change a Filter

Demonstration on how to change your hearing aid filter

Meet the team

What to Expect

Watch this video to meet our team, as we step you through the process and expectations during your visit with us.

Roy talks about a quality experience

An Example of a Quality Experience

Roy shares a story of how he helped a customer with a problem until it was fixed.

Roy talks about how Christensen Hearing Analytics can help

An Example of How We Can Help

Roy talks about how they help by making sure your hearing aids are at the right setting.

Roy's talks about changes happening to Christensen Hearing Analytics

Changes Happening to Christensen Hearing Analytics

Roy discusses the changes happening regarding how customers can get hearing aids.

Roy's talks to adult children with older parents

My Message to Adult Children with Older Parents

Roy encourages adult children to watch for signs that that parents may need hearing aids.

Roy talks about over-the-counter hearing aids

The Idea Behind OTCs

Roy talks about how over-the-counter hearing aids give no support to the customer.

Roy talks about the hearing aid process

This is a Process , Not an Event

Roy talks about how getting the right hearing aid takes time and care.

Roy gives tips for using Zoom

Do You Have Any Tips in Regards to Using Zoom?

Roy instructs customers that they have hearing aids that will connect to their phones or tablets so it is easier to hear on Zoom.

Roy talks about hearing during the holidays

What Issues do you See Occurring Over the Holidays When it Comes to Hearing?

Roy talks about how holiday get-togethers show the need for hearing aids.

Roy talks about upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Roy talks about the annual free hearing aid event.

Roy talks about his career journey

What Has Roy’s Journey Been Like?

Roy discusses his career path.

Roy talks about his relationships with his clients

Why Do You Think You Form Such Great Relationships With Your Clients?

Roy talks about how people and relationships are important to him.

Roy talks about how the industry has changed

How Has the Industry Changed?

Roy details changes he has seen in the hearing aid industry.

Roy talks about how hearing evaluations work

How Does Your Hearing Evaluation Work?

Roy discusses how he evaluates a client’s hearing needs.

Roy talks about how consultations work

How Do Your Consultations Work?

Roy talks about their no-cost no-obligation consultations.

Roy talks about why he loves his job

What Roy Loves Most About the Job

Roy talks about how he loves helping people.

Roy talks about the members of his team

Who Are the Member on Your Team?

Roy talks about the people working at Christensen Hearing Analytics.

Stephanie talks about where she grew up

Where Did Stephanie Grow Up?

Stephanie talks about where she was raised.

Stephanie talks about college

Where Did Stephanie Go To College?

Stephanie talks about her educational background.

Stephanie talks about what it is like to work with Roy

What’s Is It Like Working With Roy?

Stephanie tells what it is like to work with Roy.

Stephanie talks about the office culture

What’s the Culture Like at the Office?

Stephanie says that the co-workers and clients feel like family.

Stephanie talks about what makes Christensen Hearing Analytics stand out

What Makes Christensen Hearing Analytics Stand Out?

Stephanie relates that Christensen Hearing Analytics takes care of their clients.

Stephanie talks about the goals of Christensen Hearing Analytics

What is the Goal at Christensen Hearing Analytics?

Stephanie says that Christensen Hearing Analytics wants to help people hear better.

Stephanie tells a heartwarming story about a client

New Hearing Aids Story

Stephanie relates a story of a patient that got new hearing aids.

Andy talks about keeping up with new technology

Are You Able to Keep Up with New Technology?

Andy talks about how Christensen Hearing Analytics keeps up with the latest in hearing aid technology.

Andy talks about what he enjoys the most about his job

What Does Andy Enjoy Most About His Job?

Andy relates that the best part of his job is helping people.

Andy talks about what makes Christensen Hearing Analytics different

What Makes Christensen Hearing Analytics Different?

Andy says that Christensen Hearing Analytics’ customer service makes them different than other places where you can get hearing aids.

Andy talks about explaining new technology to clients

Do You Take the Time to Explain the Technology

Andy explains that Christensen Hearing Analytics explains hearing aid technology step-by-step to their clients.

Bluetooth hearing aids testimonial

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Testimonial

Listen to this testimonial by our client, Charlie, who struggled with hearing over the phone.

Roy talks in a Channel 8 interview about what to expect on your first visit

What to Expect When You Come to See Us

Roy Christensen, owner and audiologist at Christensen Hearing Analytics, talks about what to expect on your first visit.

Short commercial featured on Channel 8.

The Pros that Know

This short commercial was featured on Channel 8 and briefly touched on who we are and what we do.

Christensen Hearing Analytics is one of the top audiologists in Lincoln, NE

Hear Today, Hear Tomorrow

Christensen Hearing Analytics is one of the top audiologists in Lincoln, NE. We understand your hearing concerns. We are HEAR for you, and you can HEAR the difference.